Now it's time to get down to some daft stuff!

This fact became abundantly clear when a popular social news website recently published a feature celebrating a bunch of hipster dudes dressing up their chin fluff with flowers and decorative twigs. According to the headline, chicks dig it – they’re likely to get a “lady boner” just looking at it...

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photograph of hollywood signWe had a lot of time to watch movies in Walbundrie because we only had two channels on the TV. So whenever we could get a ride into town, it was straight to Blockbuster. Even better, once a year Noel would drive the kids of Walbundrie into town in his old army bus and we would get to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster!

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Here is a look at our Top 10 Stand Up Comedians of all time. These guys and girls have given us the will to live. When we sit down after a show and realise how little we have achieved in life, we both wish that one of these 10 people were our twin brother or sister. Stand up comedy is the hardest job in the world yet these guys make it look effortless. Enjoy. 

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